Revolutionary Contactless Technology Lets Your Customers Find and Buy Your Products By Scanning a Simple Barcode

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Due to COVID, More than 85% of Local Businesses are Struggling to Make any Profit and are on the Verge of Permanent Closure.

To keep your business safe from COVID, you need to adapt to the NEW NORMAL and serve your customers in a way you never did before.


Contactless In-Store Business Management Suite which you can use to minimize Customer Contact and Run your Business with the Power of a Simple Barcode

notuch is a Contactless Ordering System which can be used by any Local Business enabling them to:

No Touch is Revival of Local Businesses

No Touch is a cloud-based app, that lets local businesses (like cafes, hotels, etc.) create their online menus, that are accessible via barcode scans. Without the need for contact, customers can easily view all the products and order whatever they want and pay then and there.

It works in 3 Simple Steps

It works in 3 Simple Steps

Want to See NoTouch in Action?

Check out these Profit Oriented Demo Stores for various categories:

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Whatever products or services you offer. No Touch is a solution to keep business going whiles staying compliant.


Lets get your Business Covid Proof

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